Online Document Submission: A stepping stone to Electronic Plan Review

Application Forms Strategy for Local Governments

Cities and counties offer various services to their customers – they allow architects, homeowners, contractors and engineers to submit building construction plans for review, apply for permits, schedule inspections, etc. Customer initiate requests for these services by submitting application forms. How your city or county receives these application forms from your customers directly impacts how […]

9 key software features to consider for Land Management solutions

In this third article in the series covering Land Management Software we will discuss the broad features of a Land Management Software which must be taken into account by Cities and Counties while deciding which solution is the right one. In the previous articles in this series, we looked at how Cities and Counties can […]

Indirect Costs of a Land Management Solution for Cities and Counties

In our previous blog post, we discussed the Direct Costs to Cities and Counties relating to the purchase of a Land Management Solution.  In some ways Direct costs are easy to understand – they pertain to money that is paid to the software or hardware vendors when the decision to purchase software has been made. However, in addition […]

Direct Costs of a Land Management Solution for Cities and Counties

  Permitting, Review and Inspection departments in Cities and Counties realize that Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Land Management Software can help them be more efficient and improve customer service. They want to stay on par with software best-practices that their peer cities and counties are putting in place and also stay in step with […]